Favorite school subjects applied to jobs: Part 4

The final post about a child's favorite subject in school and its potential connection to future jobs will be on physical sports. Not just the traditional basketball or baseball player but jobs on the periphery of the sports field. 

1. Trainer- a kid that loves to be physical can train to help others be their best physical self. Physical trainers are extremely popular from gym trainers at your local YMCA to private trainers who focus on individual clients. A certification in physiology or a degree in physical science is usually required. 

2. Physical Therapist- is a person who helps people with injuries recover, either at a hospital or with a franchised team. This website gives an interactive look into what it takes to become a physical therapist.

3. Park Ranger- the love of outdoors while protecting nature and giving information to citizens is a great way to combine the love of nature and civic duty. The Junior Rangers website is a great site for kids interested in learning more about conservation, other outdoor activities and local Ranger clubs. 

4. Sports Media- how do most people receive information about their favorite player, team or sport? Usually through a person who is talking, tweeting or writing about the game or upcoming event. These people take their passion/love of sports and write/talk about it for others. Here is a website by one of these enthusiasts, a great way for kids to see how you can turn something that is fun into a viable career.

Favorite school subjects applied to jobs: Part 3

This post will focus on jobs that will interest students who love literature.

 1. Librarian- I guess this goes without saying because most people associate a love of reading with librarians. To become a librarian a Masters degree is required. Many library's have volunteer programs and jobs specifically for teens so check your local library for potential opportunities.

2. Blogger/writer- Start a website! Being a traditional novelist is normally a go to career choice but blogging is a medium that merges technology and creative expression. Kidblog is a secure blogging space that can be controlled by parents or the classroom teacher. This website gives the 45 best blog sites for kids to get ideas and learn how to create an audience and blog.

3.  Podcasting- What if you love to talk about everything you have read? Podcasting is a great medium for discussing and hearing about anything that interests you. Doing a basic Google search on podcasting while give you a lot of information on how to start a podcast. 

Favorite subjects applied to jobs Part 2

This post is a mixed bag of jobs that can be related to math, from cooking to crafts! 


The culinary arts mixes creativity, math and science. Having a child help with a recipe builds literacy (reading the recipe) and math (measuring ingredients) and is my go to for encouraging reluctant learners. Twist it Up and The Cookbook for Kids are both cookbooks geared towards kids interested in the culinary arts. 

Fashion Designer:

Besides creativity fashion designers must know geometry (area, perimeter, etc.) to create the designs as well as calculating the cost of materials needed to make the design. All of which requires a great grasp of math. This website is a forum for budding fashion designers to showcase their work and find out more about the industry! 

Computer Games Designer/Video Game Programmer: 

This field requires applied math, which includes trigonometry, physics and calculus. This website is for kids to learn how to design their own game starting with Minecraft.

Forensic Scientist:

How far did the blood splatter from the body? What kind of weapon makes that kind of impact? All of the details in figuring out what happened to a dead body requires math. Here are few websites that explain what a forensic scientist is and does: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Activities, Links for more activities and information. 


Respecting differing family dynamics: LGBTQ, gender dynamics

I know for some this is a contentious issue and you may not want to discuss this with a child. But just like you expect respect for your family dynamics and individual life so do others.  Here are some great books that open a dialogue around the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning) community and families. 

Toddler to early elementary: Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino is about a boy who loves to wear a tangerine dress at the play center because it reminds him of his mother's red hair and lions. He is teased for wearing a dress but soon he decides it doesn't matter as long as he is happy. This was a great conversation starter with my 5 year old about gender stereotypes. 

Middle Grade: Drama by Raina Telgemeier, a great coming of age graphic novel. All the typical trappings that face pre teens that include a gay and questioning teen. 

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak by Susan Kuklin are transgender teens in transition, have transition are questioning. An honest account of what it is like being a teen who is changing into their gender preference. And great photographs that goes with these stories.