Originally from Chicago, IL I have been a part of the conversation surrounding the necessity for better educational resources for  inner city children; from being one of those children to now advocating for them.  As a child and beyond, education was always emphasized as a priority, but there was a disconnect. People who achieved higher education did not come from the same background as me. While the encouragement was ever present the visual never seemed to appear. 

 For too long there has been one story; that to get out of poverty one simply needs to graduate high school and enter college. It is evident that many Americans do not complete higher education in the touted 4 year term and I think it should be shown to students and the community that the path to higher education is not just one path but one of many. Many people from a disadvantaged socio-economic background may not have the same opportunities or clear path for attaining higher education but that does equate to failure.  As the poet Robert Frost has said, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,/And sorry I could not travel both/And be one traveler". There is more than one path and whatever path taken can lead to positive outcomes. This exchange, I believe, needs to be apart of the discussion in the larger community.