Favorite subjects applied to jobs Part 2

This post is a mixed bag of jobs that can be related to math, from cooking to crafts! 


The culinary arts mixes creativity, math and science. Having a child help with a recipe builds literacy (reading the recipe) and math (measuring ingredients) and is my go to for encouraging reluctant learners. Twist it Up and The Cookbook for Kids are both cookbooks geared towards kids interested in the culinary arts. 

Fashion Designer:

Besides creativity fashion designers must know geometry (area, perimeter, etc.) to create the designs as well as calculating the cost of materials needed to make the design. All of which requires a great grasp of math. This website is a forum for budding fashion designers to showcase their work and find out more about the industry! 

Computer Games Designer/Video Game Programmer: 

This field requires applied math, which includes trigonometry, physics and calculus. This website is for kids to learn how to design their own game starting with Minecraft.

Forensic Scientist:

How far did the blood splatter from the body? What kind of weapon makes that kind of impact? All of the details in figuring out what happened to a dead body requires math. Here are few websites that explain what a forensic scientist is and does: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Activities, Links for more activities and information.