Favorite school subjects applied to jobs: Part 3

This post will focus on jobs that will interest students who love literature.

 1. Librarian- I guess this goes without saying because most people associate a love of reading with librarians. To become a librarian a Masters degree is required. Many library's have volunteer programs and jobs specifically for teens so check your local library for potential opportunities.

2. Blogger/writer- Start a website! Being a traditional novelist is normally a go to career choice but blogging is a medium that merges technology and creative expression. Kidblog is a secure blogging space that can be controlled by parents or the classroom teacher. This website gives the 45 best blog sites for kids to get ideas and learn how to create an audience and blog.

3.  Podcasting- What if you love to talk about everything you have read? Podcasting is a great medium for discussing and hearing about anything that interests you. Doing a basic Google search on podcasting while give you a lot of information on how to start a podcast.