Favorite school subjects applied to jobs: Part 4

The final post about a child's favorite subject in school and its potential connection to future jobs will be on physical sports. Not just the traditional basketball or baseball player but jobs on the periphery of the sports field. 

1. Trainer- a kid that loves to be physical can train to help others be their best physical self. Physical trainers are extremely popular from gym trainers at your local YMCA to private trainers who focus on individual clients. A certification in physiology or a degree in physical science is usually required. 

2. Physical Therapist- is a person who helps people with injuries recover, either at a hospital or with a franchised team. This website gives an interactive look into what it takes to become a physical therapist.

3. Park Ranger- the love of outdoors while protecting nature and giving information to citizens is a great way to combine the love of nature and civic duty. The Junior Rangers website is a great site for kids interested in learning more about conservation, other outdoor activities and local Ranger clubs. 

4. Sports Media- how do most people receive information about their favorite player, team or sport? Usually through a person who is talking, tweeting or writing about the game or upcoming event. These people take their passion/love of sports and write/talk about it for others. Here is a website by one of these enthusiasts, a great way for kids to see how you can turn something that is fun into a viable career.