Back to school resolutions

The school year is fast approaching and just like New Year resolutions many people make promises for a better school year. No matter your goals if there isn't a space conducive for learning eventually those busy nights will become an easy out for kids. Creating a school work only zone is essential for creating good study habits. 

Here is the space I created in my home. It takes up less than half of a wall space and it has been used in a small one bedroom apartment, so this study space can definitely be small and still effective. The child's table set I purchased at Walmart and the map of the United States rug is from Ikea. 

The white file box is where all of her learning materials go. From workbooks to art supplies.

 On the walls I put posters that have an educational theme and the day of the week. Its all about creating an environment that is strictly for homework/learning. 

On one side is a laptop and where 'technology can be used', the other side is a place-mat where her writing and no usage of electronics work is done.