Being actively involved in a child's education: Elementary Edition

When your child finally enters elementary school it can be a challenge and a blessing. Challenging if your work hours are similar but inflexible. But thinking positive you know the time frame to plan around being involved.

School Building.JPG

1. Email/call- take advantage of conference times. Maybe every three months check in with the teacher with a checklist of things to discuss such as areas your child your child is struggling with or excelling at. Visiting the school can be a quick ten minutes. Teachers conference times are usually only 20-30 minutes so they understand time constraints. 

2. Volunteer- as a child my mother made it a point to be present at all the schools I attended. One of her most famous roles was lunch lady. She would come to pass out milk during lunch and then leave. Just that short time indicated to the staff and me I had someone in my corner. Being present at the school doesn't have to be time consuming.

3. After School- If school hours just can't fit your schedule try being there for after school activities. Maybe once a month schedule a time to volunteer at your child's after school facility. As an after-school tutor I loved when parents would come in to help, even for 30 minutes it was a greatly appreciated!