Being actively involved in a child's education with a busy life

Being involved in a child's education may be a sacrifice now but is a definite investment for the future. Below are tips for being involved when your child is in daycare.

Daycare is a great socialization tool for toddlers in preparing them to interact with others while being in a safe environment. Play is important for this age because play is when children act out and learn tools needed for the classroom and beyond. 

Ways to be active/an advocate:

1. Call- nothing shows that you are a child's best advocate than by calling. I would make a quick five minute phone call during my lunch break to just check in.

2. Donate- every 4 months I would give my child's old clothes or toys to the daycare. Something that requires little time but indicates to the daycare you know their needs, several of her old skirts were used as dress up in the younger classes.

3. Ask for help- there were periods I couldn't even pick up or drop off my child due to work. This is when I asked for help, grandparents would drop off/pickup, a friend would come by to observe her during a special day or class and a coworker was willing to switch shifts to allow me to help with lunch. 

Being actively involved does not always have to be just you. Raising a child takes a community and you will be surprised how many are willing to help when asked.