More than just books

The Merriam Webster definition of a library is: "a place where books, magazines, and other materials (such as videos and musical recordings) are available for people to use or borrow'. This definition is what most people think of when envisioning a library but it is also so much more than that. The library is also a great free resource for internet usage, informative classes and activities for youth. 

When taking kids to the library for the first time I have them fill out a 'My Library Visit' sheet along with a requested tour with a librarian. This tour shows kids and parents the services the library offers that goes beyond checking out books and DVD's. Once the child has been acclimated with the library each subsequent visit they bring a 'Library Checklist' which allows them to brainstorm before the trip on materials they would like to view and take home.  Click the button below the photos for samples of both sheets! 

Some events at our local libraries from a My Little Pony Party to a If You Give A Mouse a Cookie event!