Traveling and Learning

Road trips are a forte of mine. A 17 hour road trip was not unheard of in my childhood. As a parent I continue this tradition. To combat whining and the dreaded, "Are we there yet?" I have a readied plan of things to do to pass the time. The usual suspects are sing alongs, the radio and audio books but of course that can get redundant fast.  Here I break down some car games that can be played based on the length of the trip. 

  • 10+ hours
    • A-Z:  any stretch of highway you will find billboards advertising all sorts of things. The goal is to find words on these billboards that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
    • Rules:  Has to  go in alphabetic order, no c before b.  Licence plates do not count, it has to be a word. 
    • Older kids: do this game backwards!
  • 5 hours or less
    • Red car, blue car: this is usually done towards the middle or end of a road trip when everyone is antsy and looking out the window. While they are already ready for the car to reach its final destination have them count out loud. 
    • Rules: Assign a number, 10 or less for younger passengers, and have them pick a standard car color.  Whoever can reach their number with their car color wins. 
    • Older kids: Make some equations with the game. 'You found three red cars and you need ten, how many do you have left to find?' 

Some of the travel spots we have been :-)