Grocery Stores and Reading

Here is a great way to implement math and reading into your grocery store routine. There are staples I get every week and I started this kid friendly list when my child was 2. It began with pictures of fruits and vegetables that she had to help me find. It has since graduated to spelling out the word and getting the exact amount listed. The older your child is the more detailed the list can get, from not only writing '2 cans of black beans' but writing the amount of oz needed. For middle school aged children and beyond I would give them a budget and a list and have them try to get all items on the grocery list that fits into the budget.

In the photos above I used the weekly circular and had her find the items I circled by matching the price to the item. Here she saw apples for 88 cents a pound and had to find the apples that were under a sign that matched the number 88. 

Click the button below for a sample grocery list.