How to start a home Book Club

How can I help my child succeed in school is a constant question or concern for all parents. I believe the 'traditional' idea of education should stay at school. Home is and should be different environment than the school setting. One of the differences can be a more in depth approach to subjects or ideas. A at home book club can be a great way to ensure family time and support reading comprehension. Here are some steps to get your family book club started:

1. Family Meeting!

  • Telling your kids about the book club, with them being the deciders of the book, will guarantee its implementation. Giving the choice to the children is a great way to build enthusiasm and make sure the book club does not fall into the category of good intentions that are never implemented. 

2. Name the book club and the designated space

  • Give your book club a name and decide where it will be held. Our book club is held in my bed because my daughter is no longer allowed to sleep with me so she found a loophole :-) Giving a name and space is another way to legitimize the club and give it purpose.

3. Timeframes

  • Don't worry about it! I gave myself a month for each book, but that is very loose. We sometimes read only a few pages a night or go several nights without reading. Sometimes my daughter is the one to ask can we start reading again from our book club pick! My local library allows 3 renewals, so I gauge my pace based on how many renewals I have left. 

4. Activities

  • Implementing supplemental activities or discussion questions reinforces comprehension and retainment. Most middle grade books have discussion questions that can be found on the Internet (Penguin Random House has great resources!). One of our book club picks was a series of poems so we made a silly rhyming poem in the car one day. The current book we are reading is set during winter so we made hot chocolate before one reading. 

The biggest takeaway is to have fun! I was a bit apprehensive at first; how was I going to fit in reading a book out loud to my already packed schedule. Once I loosened my expectations I found it to be fun and a great way spend time with my child.