Building Vocabulary

Building literacy can be a hard task when students can struggle with so many different aspects of reading. One student may struggle with overall comprehension while another is not progressing in their phonemic awareness. Below are tips/suggestions for building vocabulary skills.

1. Lego Blocks

  • A staple in most early childhood classrooms Legos can be repurposed as building blocks of sentences. Choose basic words that can be easily placed in a sentence along with the vocabulary words for the week. Have students 'build' a sentence that correctly uses the vocabulary word. 

2. Comic Strips

  • Story building is a great way to implement vocabulary and art. Bitstrips is an online resource for kids to play and build a story or this free and ready to print Blank comic strip. My previous post in Home Resources can give some ideas for students 

3. Learning websites

  • is a great resource for worksheets in all aspects of reading for all grade levels including high school. Sometimes I use the website to get an idea of where a student should be for the next grade.