Respecting differing family and individual dynamics: Race edition

In a globalized society we can no longer say we live or interact in a completely homogenous society. We see, talk, and hear from people that come from different cities, families and countries. This is only increasing so equipping children/youth with the tools to easily navigate this heterogeneous world is vital.

The following post will focus on discussing race. 

 "Let's Talk About Race" by Julius Lester is a great book to start a candid conversation about race, it opens as a questionnaire, what are you likes, dislikes etc. I suggest that before you begin the story have the child/group fill out a little questionnaire similar to the book. As the book continues it discusses how we are many things before we are our race. And underneath our different skin colors we have the same bones, it asks us to look at people from the inside out instead of outside in. 

Other great books for older kids:

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros  

The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank