The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns

I have to admit, though this may be obvious, I love books but shy away from math. Having a daughter who happens to excel and like math more than books was surprising. Since I think you can always find anything in a book I began searching for books about math. Here is one gem I have found so far that was written to teach math in an easy way. The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns is about basic geometry/shapes that follows a shapeshifter that can turn into any shape! It is recommended for grades Pre-K to 2 and my Kindergartener loved it! The author has her own website that has some great resources for teaching math for all grade levels. 

Bugs in my Hair! by David Shannon

Another great one by David Shannon! Lice, something that happens but no one really talks about. What do when bugs decide to live in our hair and Mom is determined to evict them? Find out in this funny early reader book. 

How do You Wokka-Wokka?

How Do You Wokka-Wokka? by Elizabeth Bluemle is great for a kid that loves to move and wiggle. As we walk along a busy city street we have kids asking each other how they Wokka-Wokka and the answers, as you can imagine, are imaginative. From moving like a snake to a flamingo these kids know how to move! Great for emergent readers. 

Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood

A great classic retelling of Cinderella with a take charge lead female. Cinderella loves fixing things, including cool rockets. When preparing for the ball the Prince's ship is down due to mechanical failure, which of course Cinderella fixes with her handy tools. I love classic retellings and this one does not disappoint! Great for anyone who is looking for strong female characters, a space theme and diverse characters. 

Weekend Book Review: Early Elementary

Last Stop on Market Street by  Matt de la Pena

Mindfulness is a word I think of when I read this book. After church Miguel and his grandma must take the bus home, Miguel questions why they cannot ride in a car like his friend. His grandmother reminds him that his friend doesn't get to see a coin trick from the bus driver. Throughout the story Miguel points out negative aspects of the things around him and his grandmother kindly reminds him to reflect on the positive. Great for teaching gratefulness and self reflection. 

Weekend Review: Dr. Seuss

 Dr. Seuss is a classic for a reason. It is engaging, made up words and is great for emphasizing 'sight words' (words that are usually repeated on every page, i.e. and, I, the...) that are key for early readers. There are dozens of Dr. Seuss books to choose from, The Foot Book is one that highlights the rhyming and repetition that kids love.  

Weekend Book Review: David Goes to School

The author has stated that while looking through childhood mementos he discovered a book he wrote as a child which simply repeated the words "No David". Thus starting the great series 'No, David'. This book is all about the trouble David faces in school. This is great for toddlers to emerging readers because it is repetitive with big, bright pictures.