Intergrating Classical Literature to Present Text

When I first thought of classical literature these words always popped into my mind: white people, mythology, hard to interpret or relate to present reality. A continuing goal of my blog postings is an attempt to integrate the 'other' into literature that can seem as supporting only one way  (white, heterosexual, homogenous) view of the world. As a person of color who is parenting a child of color it is vital that our culture is represented in literature as well. Besides showing and giving a platform for books and ideas that represent the other I am here to help give the tools necessary to encourage literacy in your classroom, home etc. The following posts will be books that reinterpret or represent classical literature into modern day dilemmas. 

The theme of the classical literature text is under the heady Geoffrey Chaucer, if you have not heard about him you are in for a treat and you child will definitely encounter him in high school and beyond. Chaucer pulls from all of the texts listed and reinterprets them for a robust discussion on love, literature and dream interpretation (just to name a few). I named this section Chaucer's Children because I hope by the end of these book recommendations you will fall under the tutelage of Chaucer :-)