Elementary/Middle School: Ares by George O'Connor

This is one of a series of graphic novels that focuses on Gods and Goddess. George O'Connor's goal is to retell classic Greek myths. Each graphic novel focuses on one story the involves the God or Goddess. So if your kid is even slightly interested in Greek mythology they will love this series. What I love about the series are the strong female characters and the larger questions that it raises that can be applied to future discussions or lessons. 

Ares centers on the famous Trojan War but specifically from the Gods and Goddess's perspective. It deals with sibling rivalry, parent-child relationships and the damage that can ensue when someone's only goal is revenge. Ares is the God of War and the story begins with the difference between him and his sister Athena, whose specialty is strategy of war while Ares's is pure destruction. This dynamic is a basis for a lot of sibling rivalry between the two.

 I always recommend graphic novels/comic books for reluctant and not so strong readers, it is a great medium to ease them into reading. George O'Connor has a great website for kids and educators as well!