Why storytelling may be more important for African American children than others in early literacy. 

Dinner conversation and storytelling? Anne Fishel, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology Harvard Medical School links the two as important for creating eager readers. 

Are the tried and true methods of teaching English actually killing a desire and love for reading in students? This article suggest so.

An article that compares academic achievement in Europe versus The United States. Important especially since recent data shows SAT scores are at an all time low across the nation.

I have written before about ways to be actively involved in your child's education here but PBS just published an article also giving tips to be active in the classroom.

It has been all over the internet, the book that guarantees your child will be sleep in minutes! This links to the UK's Daily Telegraph which talks about the psychological study behind the book. 

A Huffington Post has an interesting article that states scientists have found a link to reading to kids and increase brain waves. 

Have a reluctant reader? Here Book Riot (a book lovers favorite website) gives book suggestions for kids aged 12 and up.  

The Conversation, a website whose authors are people in the anemic and research community publish their findings in an easy to read and understand format. This article discusses the disappearance of school libraries across the nation. 

A discussion of Star Trek, race and gender. Um, yes please.

A photo collection of homeless library patrons. A reminder of all a library provides for the community. 

A study on the importance of promoting bilingual education. 

A study of one way we can reduce the debt college students have upon graduation. 

A NPR article that states the 5 big ideas that are implemented in education but just do not work. 

The lack of new teachers have been discussed recently in the news and this article gives possible reasons as to why college students are no longer seeking education as a viable career option. 

Library's aren't what they use to be and that is a good thing. 

The merits of homework and if it is more helpful than harmful. 

How to best help your child during the school year, specifically with homework.