Holiday Gift Guide/Best Bookish Things of the Year

The holidays are here! Shopping for kids can be a task if you decide not to give a toy or clothes. Giving books are my go to gift for children, its beneficial for the child and family (no noise makers). This is a combined list of some of my favorite children books and bookish things of the year that will make great gifts. 


Almost half of nurseries/infant book shelves are Winnie the Pooh themed, Winnie: The True Story is a great book to add to the collection.

Who doesn't love bookish onesies? Book Riot has plenty of infant onesies and kids shirts to satisfy your printed children's book needs. 

Infants put anything and everything in their mouths, something that means books do not last long in their hands. Indestructibles are made for these little hands, I have yet to encounter someone whose child has found a way to destroy this is that good! 


Subscriptions! Subscription services are great for preschoolers to middle grade. Here are some great subscription services for a variety of interests. 

Tinker Crate- for ages 9+ merges science, engineering and technology with monthly DIY projects. 

Doodle Crate- ages 9+, great for kids who love art. It focuses on design and creative projects. 

Little Passports- for ages 3-12, great for the child/family who loves traveling or learning about the world. Each month you 'discover' a new country. 

Junior Explorers- ages 5-12, for the budding adventurist. This crate focuses on wildlife and nature throughout the world. 

Young Adult

What to give a preteen/teen is usually hard, interests can vary and change often. Here are some items that can cover plenty of bases.

Scratch off Map- My teenaged niece actually made me find this. She mentioned how she wrote down every state in the U.S. and puts a line through it once she has visited the state. This is a similar concept except its an actual map, a great visual for the traveling teen. It also has a global map for the international traveller. 

Lumberjanes- I LOVE this graphic novel, group of friends, summer camp and all around shenanigans is great for any female reader. 

Coloring books- who doesn't love to color? The Harry Potter Coloring Book is a personal favorite. Since coloring is becoming popular again you can usually find a coloring book for most characters/interests.