Educational Apps

1. Reader by Originator

  • This is a free app for the phone that focuses on sight words. There are three levels, beginning at Pre-K and ending with 3rd grade. Each level has a word for each letter of the alphabet. When you pick a word it scatters the letters and the child has to place the letter in the correct order. It then moves on to a sentence with three sight words and the child has to place the right word into the correct space.

2. Movie Machine by Goldie Box

  • This free IOS app comes from the makers of Goldie Box, a company focused on encouraging girls to enter into the STEM field by delivering engineering based activities. The app focuses on animation by creating your own movie! I would recommend this app for kids aged 6 and up though it seems more geared toward middle schoolers its never too early to start encouraging analytical thinking. The company has recently begun selling their products at big box stores!

3. Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. 

  • This is an educational website that many teachers use to supplement lessons. The free app is available for the phone or you can view on their website. The company creates movies on core subjects: science, health, reading/writing, social studies, math, art and technology with an option to take a quiz after. Some of the movies discussed are: Martin Luther King Jr., recycling and how to count money. You can pay for access to the hundreds of movies or keep the free version which gives you a new movie every week.