Little Passports

Little Passports is a subscription based service that allows children to explore different countries. They have three tiers of subscriptions; Early Explorers (ages 3-5), World Explorers (ages 6-10) and the USA Edition (ages 7-12). I am reviewing the World Explorer edition, we have so far received 2 subscriptions. 

Initial Impressions:

 I thought it was like any other subscription where the first box jumps right in but the first box was a 'getting to know the product' more than anything. She received her passport and a letter telling of the adventures she was going to partake in. She was very excited about receiving a passport and the huge world map!









The World Edition seems to be online based.  Using her boarding pass she logs in and plays games that teaches about the country she is 'in'. She also received a postcard, a treasure from the country, a pin to place on her map and an activity sheet. One sheet had a recipe for a favorite sweet in Brazil that we will definitely make!


Overall impression:

I like the concept of Little Passports but feel it can be expanded a bit. The online portion is lacking, she plays one game and one information tutorial. The postcards and treasure from each country is great! I will likely continue the subscription but not as frequently as once a month.